Clearwater Beach – Keilah

In February, I had the pleasure of reuniting with Keilah for a long-awaited photo session at Clearwater Beach, Florida. With temperatures averaging around 85°F, the weather was perfect for an outdoor shoot, and the location couldn’t have been more picturesque.

We met at Hotel Sol in Redington Shores, a charming spot that offered a mix of tropical gardens and pristine beach views. Keilah and I had been trying to coordinate this shoot ever since she moved from the DMV area to Clearwater, so finally being able to work together again was exciting.

The Gear and Setup

For this session, I used my Sony A73 camera equipped with a 25-75mm lens and a 6-stop ND filter. The bright Florida sun was intense, but the ND filter helped manage the light, allowing me to capture vivid and balanced shots. I also brought along my Godox AD600 light and a small 28-inch octagon light filter. I prefer the smaller light filters when shooting on the beach due to the frequent and strong winds—larger lights can be easily toppled or damaged, and I’ve lost or broken quite a few in the past.

Challenges of Beach Photography

One of the unavoidable challenges of beach photography is dealing with sand. It gets everywhere, no matter how careful you are, and can wreak havoc on photo gear. Despite these challenges, the beach offers a unique and beautiful backdrop that makes it all worthwhile.

The Shoot

We started the session in the resort’s dense tropical garden, which provided a lush and vibrant setting for the initial shots. The greenery contrasted beautifully with Keilah’s swimwear, creating a fresh and lively atmosphere.

After capturing some stunning garden shots, we moved to the beach. Keilah wore a stunning piece from Samba Soul Swimwear, a sexy swimwear line from Brazil that perfectly embodies the vibrant and energetic spirit of Brazilian beach culture. Her perfect swimwear body was absolutely stunning in the sunshine. Her long, dark hair played in the wind and sun, adding a dynamic and natural element to the photos. The way her hair and the light interacted made the images phenomenal, each shot capturing the essence of a perfect beach day.

A Photographer’s Reflection

Shooting with Keilah in Clearwater Beach was a fantastic experience. The combination of a beautiful location, perfect weather, and a stunning model made for an unforgettable session. Despite the usual challenges of beach photography, the results were more than worth it. Keilah’s elegance, enhanced by the vibrant designs of Samba Soul Swimwear, came together to create truly exceptional photographs.

Reuniting with Keilah and working in such a stunning location reminded me of the joys and challenges of on-location shoots.


Every session brings its unique elements, and this one was a perfect blend of natural beauty, professional fulfillment, and the spirited designs of Samba Soul Swimwear.

Clearwater Beach – Keilah